how to write concluding remarks

Having written the essay, you state that you have done so. This section is often separated visually, or singled out with a subheading such as conclusion or concluding remarks. ... More

how to see who stalks your facebook page

Facebook’s latest feature makes it easier for you to work out which of your friends tend to stalk your updates online. At the end of March, the social network introduced Stories, a feature that lets ... More

how to write a letter of bereavement leave request

Your colleague needs you to write a sick leave letter on their behalf to their employer. Please see below a draft letter for you to amend accordingly. Your name address Date Dear (name of employer) Re: (name of friend) I am writing on behalf of (name of friend) to inform you that (he or she) is currently unable to attend work due to the fact that (name of friend) is quite sick. The doctor has ... More

how to delete hotmail search history

28/08/2018 · You can delete individual searches by selecting and deleting items in the list that appears or you can clear your entire search history. To clear the entire history, click the Settings gear and then click Settings. Read the text and find the blue text that says "delete all", then follow the prompts. ... More

auto drive charge pal with speaker how to use speaker

Portable power charger with built-in speaker. This charger has a built-in speaker to play music while charging device at the same time. It also acts as a smartphone stand. ... More

how to tell when a girl is cheating

What if you could always be able to tell if your girlfriend is lying to you like youre a CIA agent? Well, in this article Im going to teach you the same tricks that they learn during training so you can catch her in a lie whenever you want. ... More

how to set up a email group in yahoo

6/11/2011 A couple notes before we get into this: Getting the contact list onto the phone can be easy, however, editing and creating groups directly on the phone isnt possible without apps like Groups ... More

how to use energy equation

8/12/2018 · The formula for potential energy that is used depends on the type of energy that is stored. Swinging on a swing is a good example of both potential and kinetic energy. ... More

how to use sharp carousel convection oven

Sharp Carousel Convection Microwave Oven Instructions Sharp Carousel Convection Microwave oven. Hardly used. Only brought to be used during kitchen renovation. ... More

alcachofa de laon how to use

Order Alcachofa de Laon X2 on Discover Cure & Traitement minceur in our webshop. As seen on TV Express Delivery Beste Price ... More

how to tell if you are indigo

Have Intuitive/Psychic Gifts – One tell-tale sign that you are an Indigo Child is a strong intuition. You may even know things about people before you meet them and have a strong sense of “knowing” about people and situations, or be able to see their aura. You may have experienced premonitions or be able to communicate with Spirit. ... More

how to tell if ps4 has roaches

18/04/2010 · The answer is exterminating all of the cockroaches in your house. Call an exterminator, or put out poison. Also, make sure you don't leave dirty dishes laying around or in the sink, the garbage has a lid, and you keep a generally clean house. If the roaches can't find anything to eat, they'll die. ... More

how to tell if someone is depressed over text

8/06/2012 How to let a guy know your sad over text? i have this friend (a guy) and we are really close but he did something that made me angry at him and i dont know how to let him know im upset with him without actually telling him, and without making him angry at me... im so lost right now ... More

how to talk to someone dying of cancer

Listen With Your Heart When someone you know has cancer, it can be hard to know what to say or do. Here, youll find ideas on how to support the person with cancer and show them that you care. ... More

how to send money order in india

Current Postal Rates in India. Money Order Service. A money order is an order issued by the Post Office for the payment of a sum of money to the person whose name the money order is sent through the agency of the Post Office. ... More

how to set up ipad to mike stand for lyrics

26/03/2013 · Originally Posted by bob_frapples. I used my Android tablet for Guitar Chord music at gigs. I rigged it up with velcro, wood and several adapters to make a pretty solid and adjustable stand that attached to my mic stand. ... More

how to search a webpage with a specific word

30/01/2014 · I want to modify a coded ui test in VS2013 C# to call a method which will search the webpage that I am on for a specific word (string). Is there already a method for this? ... More

how to study physical science effectively

15/04/2017 · CSIR NET Study Plan for Physical Science - Follow us on - Facebook - ... More

how to set weight loss goals

If the timeline of the weight loss goal is long in duration, be sure to set up check points throughout the process. If the timeline is short, make sure progress can be measured accordingly. If the timeline is short, make sure progress can be measured accordingly. ... More

how to start your own community

Check whether someone else has already had your idea. The Community Sector in Tasmania is surprisingly broad. When TasCOSS did a statewide survey of the Community Services Sector in 2015, we counted over 300 Community Organisations operating throughout Tasmania. ... More

how to use lambda with a dict python

Dictionary is like a hash table that store the elements by calculating hashes of keys and orders of elements in it can not be predicted. Therefore, its also called unordered container and we can sort the dictionary in place. ... More

how to stop side cramps

See a doctor when cramps prevent you from exercising, or if they seem to happen spontaneously without a trigger. Here, experts weigh in on the major reasons you might be experiencing leg cramps ... More

how to stop bad influence from peers

One reason that parents can't separate their child from a bad friend is that the friend often has a stronger relationship. When a child is young, his parents are the major influence in his life. As children enter adolescence a change occurs. A natural part of growing up is breaking away from parents and making bonds with peers. ... More

refectocil eyelash tint how to use

The eyelashes look longer and more voluminous, as the full length becomes visible by tinting the tips which have been bleached by the sun and water. Light eyebrows can be given depth and definition, with a darker colour. Refectocil is also suitable for men to use for tinting beards, moustaches and sideburns. ... More

how to study english words

The more words you know, the more successful you will be at English, both in school and when using the language in your life after school. You should use exciting synonyms in place of boring words like state, say, get, thing, good, bad, a lot, and, but, so and so on. Make this part of your study every day find synonyms for the words you repeat too often. Underline any new words you come ... More

how to write bounds on wolfram alpha

Most genealogists and family historians these days are familiar with a variety of search engines used to locate information on the Internet. These include Google, Bing, and Yahoo as well as specialty search engines such as Mocavo. ... More

how to start child 5 yr old in music

A health check on a child who’s 3 to 3 and a half or 4 to 5. You can find details in the Personal Health Record, sometimes called the Red Book. You can find details in the Personal Health Record, sometimes called the Red Book. ... More

how to stop ip from changing

Perhaps your DNS server is set to use DHCP for its IP address(es) and it is getting changed. Changing it to static IP addressing might fix the issue. Changing it to static IP addressing might fix the issue. ... More

how to write a report paper example

For example, a construction firm is responsible for a number of major projects in the city. To provide updates on the progress of such development, a short report is written each month. Through this, the firm may monitor current operations and address certain issues immediately. ... More

how to send an invoice on paypal app

The new Facebook and PayPal feature allows users to create and send invoices on the Messenger app. Photo: PayPal ... More

how to paraphrase a problem to show understanding

Use paraphrasing to present ideas from your sources that develop your own arguments or position. Paraphrase selective sources to show your reader that you understand the ideas, arguments and perspectives (i.e. the meaning) of the sources you have read. ... More

how to take juice plus berry capsules

Does anyone know if it's OK to take juice plus shakes when pregnant? I've tried Google and all i can find is that the capsules are good for pregnancy but nothing about the shakes anywhere, but I've went and ordered the shakes now :-/ Also how would i take them because i know it's just fruit/veg so can't be bad but I'm guessing 2 shakes and one ... More

how to search reciepes in goodlife 12 challenge

You can find cooking information, a quick recipe list and complete details on all known recipes below! Pokemon Quest Cooking Details To capture new Pokemon, you need to use the cooking pot at base camp. ... More

jmeter how to set up test for api

The above plugins will set up the workspace, execute the JMeter tests, publish the needed reports to Jenkins job view and translate the JMeter log file(s) to xUnit format. What is left is to push the test results to Testlab. For this, add a “Publish test results to Testlab” post-build action and configure it as follows: ... More

how to travel around the world for a year

by Lisa McCallum. Thinking about taking a RTW trip? That’s round-the-world, of course! Maybe you’ve read about women who’ve literally traveled around the world for months or years at a time. ... More

how to set up a jewellery business

Heres a question from Emma that pretty well sums up what everyone has been asking. I make jewellery and sell it myself mostly via my website and occasionally at fairs. Recently a couple of small retailers have offered to stock my pieces. ... More

how to write a resume summary examples

A resume summary is a concise summary of who you are and the value that you can bring to an organization. Today (2018), all strong resumes are expected to have resume summaries in place of the antiquated Objective. ... More

how to set up communication plan at childcare

BE SMART. TAKE PART. E CR M EA E TE R YO GE UR FA NC MIL Y Y COMMUNICATION PLAN Join with others to prepare for emergencies and participate in America’s PrepareAthon! ... More

how to train your dragon 2 release date uk dvd

How to Train Your Dragon. Watch. Dragons: Race to the Edge. DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE Season 2 Trailer . The riders face off against new enemy Ryker and his ruthless Dragon Hunter army! EXPLORE HICCUP'S MAP WATCH ON NETFLIX About Unlock the secrets of the Dragon Eye and come face to face with more dragons than anyone has ever imagined as Hiccup, Toothless and the Dragon … ... More

how to get free show tickets in vegas

The laws of supply and demand also applies to Vegas show tickets, so don't expect to get half-price discounts on big headliners or popular Cirque Du Soleil shows like 'O' or Mystere. Another way to book tickets to the major shows or visiting headlines is to call the venue or hotel directly on their toll free number or make reservations at a hotel that has a show. ... More

how to turn auto brightness off on mac

Turn Off Auto-Brightness On iOS 11 If you want to be able to adjust the brightness on your device manually and not have it change automatically when the environment changes, you can turn off Auto-Brightness. ... More

how to stop gum recession at home

The recession of gums is known as gingival recession. It is a common occurrence and is when gum tissue pulls back – or recedes – from where it typically sits around a tooth or a number of teeth. ... More

how to use pigeon manual breast pump

Pigeon manual breast pump: Just interested to see how many ladies use/have used this particular manual pump? Thoughts? I am thinking of buying one for occasional expressing as the one I have now is not comfortable. - BabyCenter Australia ... More

how to use tommee tippee breast pump

6/11/2012 · I used the medela eletric pump a couple of times with my daughter then would just pour the milk into a Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottle. I breastfeed her till 8 mnths then put her onto the bottles. Iv never had any problem with the tommee tippee ones, but syrian is right they do discolour and after using them for a year now the numbers are starting to rub off on the sides. A friend of ... More

how to send money dialog to dialog

You cannot send a message to the dialog after DoModal() returns, because the dialog will already be destroyed. In case you want to pass data to the dialog, you can add a member variable to your child dialog… ... More

how to use corpora in language teaching

Using corpora in language classrooms has proven to be an effective tool in teaching vocabulary, grammar and language use to learners of English as a second/foreign language. However, many EFL teachers find integrating ... More

how to solve circle theorems

Students are taken through the discovery of various circle theorems. The theorems include, angle at the centre is twice the angle at the circumference, angles in the same segment and angles in cyclic quadrilaterals.Each circle theorem has an associated proof in the additional resources section. ... More

how to work less and save more

21/07/2014 · Do Less Work, Make More Money: A Step By Step Guide To Doing Business And Making Money Online [Leon Jay] on *FREE* shipping on Work Less, Make More: Stop Working So Hard and Create ... More

how to write address in single line australia

After the date, skip a line and type the name and address of the recipient, left justified for both block and indented form. If the letter is going to the company where the recipient works, the name of the recipient goes first, followed by the name of the company. ... More

how to work with special education students

13/10/2016 · Integrating students with special needs in any context is a challenging task. Educators, parents, administrators, and even the students themselves are involved in this difficult process. When successfully done, integration is a rewarding experience. Don't think for a minute that it is a one and done ... More

how to use photoshop c6

Adobe Photoshop is the leading image and creation software package. Even if you have experience using the program, you may find that you need an... Even if you have experience using the program ... More

how to show r squared vallue in geogebra

I entered in a list of points and typed in FitSin[] The line that comes up does not fit the points exactly but the R-squared value is 1 ... More

how to enrich your life through travel

MRR How To Enrich Your Life Through Travel “If You Want To Skyrocket Your Success And Improve Your Overall Life…You Need To Have A Look At How To Enrich Your Life Through Travel!” Master Resale Rights to this Product as well ... More

how to stop sperm from reaching the egg

These methods work by preventing the sperm from reaching the egg. Tubal litigation is 99.5 per cent effective. The Vasectomy (for men) works by cutting and blocking the tubes called the vas deferens, preventing sperm from leaving the testicles. The chances of … ... More

how to stop late night cramps

Painful foot cramps at night may be prevented by taking magnesium or B vitamin supplements. Terry Graedon The People's Pharmacy September 15, 2014 Default 40 Comments Q. ... More

how to send money to an inmate sydney

You can send money to an inmate of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as well as many other state or county correctional facilities. You can trust us to send your money quickly and conveniently. You can trust us to send your money quickly and conveniently. ... More

how to log work jira

Please read the Instructions before posting. File security issues to the SEC project (ONLY after reading the guidelines) If you're looking for help, please refer to Linden Lab's support portal. ... More

how to use access runtime 2010

Error: Can’t find MSAccess.exe or How to install a different runtime. Microsoft Access is the application that runs the ProTracker Advantage program on the workstation. ... More

how to stop yelling at child

The child hears the yelling, becomes angry himself/herself, and fights back or resists Neither of these are desirable. And while theyre not mutually exclusive, lets tackle one at a time. ... More

how to do a word search in an eexcel sheet

If you are working on a project that requires the use of spreadsheet, there are many times when you would want to know how to count words in Excel. It is fairly easy for someone who is proficient in Excel to be able to sum up numbers, add dates, convert rates and so on. However, everything that has to do with words in xls is a bit more tricky. ... More

how to use zenmap to scan a network

This tutorial marks the beginning of a series of network security and penetration testing articles that I will be posting on this website. The purpose of this article is to describe how to perform a simple NMAP scan of an IP range/subnet on a network. ... More

andrew james ice cream maker how to use

2/06/2017 The design of the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker is best described as fuss-free. Not only does this make it easy to keep clean, it also means the machine is straightforward to assemble and use. ... More

how to tell if someone is socially awkward

27/03/2013 · Awkward guys may be, well, awkward, but dude. It is so cute sometimes. They’ll likely have a few fun quirks that may normally drive someone nuts, but when you like them back? ... More

how to write date after since

Ever since our first date, I've noticed changes in my world. Work at the office seems easier, and I'm getting more accomplished in less time. My boss has noticed the changes, too, and has been very complimentary of late. ... More

how to work out diversification effect in portfolio

During the 20082009 bear market, many different types of investments lost value at the same time, but diversification still helped contain overall portfolio losses. Consider the performance of 3 hypothetical portfolios: a diversified portfolio of 70% stocks, 25% bonds, and 5% short-term investments; an all-stock portfolio ; and an all-cash portfolio . ... More

how to solve problems creatively

What is Creative Problem Solving? CPS is a proven method for approaching a problem or a challenge in an imaginative and innovative way. It’s a process that helps you redefine the problems and opportunities you face, come up with new, innovative responses and solutions, and then take action. ... More

how to start a debate speech first speaker negative

Home Essays Sample Debate Speech (3rd... Sample Debate Speech (3rd Speaker) Topics: As our first speaker had said, it is wrong to buy and sell Philippine artifacts because if we sell our artifacts, the next generations would not be able to see the only evidences of our ancestors' life. She also talked about the “National Cultural heritage Act of 2009” which states that we must conserve ... More

how to use cnc shark pro software

CARVE RIGHT with the best CNC wood carving machine reviews. Computerized 3D woodworking with Carvewright, Compucarve, and Rockler Shark power tools. Computerized 3D woodworking with Carvewright, Compucarve, and Rockler Shark power tools. ... More

how to use gu patrol auto hubs

Superior Engineering has come up with the goods again. We have manufactured Billet 4140 Free wheeling hubs. If you are sick of spending $100-$300 for a set of second hand hubs each time you break yours then these are for you. ... More

how to use paper scrolled pen

Unfolded scroll on the table Open ancient scroll on a wooden table, panoramic paper backgroun Old scroll on a wooden table, crumpled paper texture as backgrou Unfolded paper scroll on a wooden surface, blank background Unfolded paper scroll on a wooden surface, blank background Unfolded scroll on a wood table, old paper texture, background Feather pen and ink with scroll and blank ... More

how to use action replay dsi code manager

6/06/2008 · hey, so i baught a DS lite, and a new action replay, and the action replay works great! then, in the box, i discovered software and a cord to hook it up to your computer. now, i have installed all of the hardware, and software. i plugged in the back of my computer, i turned my ds on and my code list open,(pokemon... show more hey, so ... More

how to get someone to write a book for you

Maybe you write best after you finish reading someone else’s book. Knowing how you write can tell you about how you should proceed and what you should avoid; you can build your writing schedule around the habits you know yourself to have. 2. Write at the same time. Once you decide what time of day works best for you and form some kind of writing schedule, stick to that schedule. Have a time ... More

how to work out what to study

With college back in session, for many students life has become a balancing act. When students are looking at what they can fit in to their busy schedules sometimes the most important things fall … ... More

how to write a xts3000 new code plug

receptacle coax bulkhead mtg recp 4 cont **from 25 and up recp 6 cont conn **from 25 and up conn plug recp banana red plug recp banana blk r/r handset conn … ... More

how to set up rod for cod

If you're new to fishing, you may not know how to set up a rod and reel. It entails attaching the reel to the rod, spooling the reel with fishing line, and then tying on whatever fishing tackle you wish to use. It's easy and can be accomplished in minutes. Attach the reel to the rod. On the handle ... More

how to tell the difference between forging and casting

Forging steel is a metal-working process which involves the use of hammering or pressing techniques to alter the steels shape, followed by heat treatment. This method produces in the steel a number of properties which distinguish it from other treatments of this metal, for example casting, where liquid metal is poured into a mold and then left to solidify. Strong and Durable. Steel forgings ... More

how to stop myself from getting mad

Get mad. Some folks say anger isnt becoming, but new research published in the journal Emotion indicates that anger can, at times, contribute to happiness levels and well-being . ... More

how to use image materials clip studio paint

Let's draw manga with CLIP STUDIO PAINT and Wacom Intuos. This lesson will explain how to set up the tablet. Celsys Clip Studio Paint Pro is the perfect 2D drawing software tool for comic and mang... ... More

how to win ecoins on fantage

Hey guys here you can post some of you walkthrough or if you need help doing a mission. 1. First talk to the general who has a orange “!” on top of his head in the mission center–he says something about finding a artifact, for more information go to the dectective fox on … ... More

how to wear a morphsuit

30/03/2012 · Morphsuits are the shit. Me and some of my buddies all bought them a few weeks ago and we wear them all the time. yes they are durable, yes you can drink though them, and yes they are freakin sweet. i plan on wearing mine on halloween with a white hat, a white borat thong over the suit, and white shoes. should be pretty good i hope ... More

how to stop tooth pain

Are you considering putting off a visit to the dentist? You may want to rethink that! Waiting until a toothache is unbearable can lead to a more expensive and complex dental treatment. ... More

how to use nike employee discount online

Online: Valid online with a Kohl's Charge only. Your discount is automatically applied to your Kohl’s Charge statement. Your discount is automatically applied to your Kohl’s Charge statement. Discount can be combined with $-off and %-off discounts. ... More

how to set up swann security camera

Hi. I have a Swann security camera set up and the DVR is in the roof about 15 metres away from the monitor which is in my room. I tried a long range wireless mouse and that didn’t work so I got a 15 metre USB male to female cable and tried again and it still didn’t work ... More

how to stop sweating on wedding day

1 day ago Whether its rising temperatures, a warm wedding venue or pure nerves, excessive sweating can spoil anyones walk down the aisle. While fans and deodorants can certainly help keep you dry, many brides are opting for medical treatments to prevent sweat disasters on their big day. ... More

how to do mail merge from work

The Mail Merge function leaves the normal text unchanged, and replaces the fields with the data taken from the Data Source. The following scenario illustrates how Mail Merge works. Using Mail Merge 1. What Mail Merge Means Example: Sending a newsletter to a list of customers Imagine a business that needs to send a newsletter to all of its customers. There is already a Data Source containing ... More

how to sink holes work

Sinkholes are much more than holes in the ground. Learn how sinkholes can cause the Earth to swallow up you, your home and your car. Learn how sinkholes can cause the Earth to ... More

how to tell difference between bacterial and viral cold

Make no mistake though — the two types of viral infections can also be worlds apart, so much so that it could mean the difference between life and death. While the common cold is generally ... More

youtube how to turn off autoplay

Here, you should find the Autoplay option. Inside, you can toggle off the autoplay feature. Inside, you can toggle off the autoplay feature. Use the images below to help if you get lost along the way. ... More

how to start silithus quest after raid

High Marshal Whirlaxis. Location: Silithus Raid 40 A member of the Abyssal High Council, he uses a powerful Chain Lightning, Hurricane, and a knockback that sends players flying into the air for approximately 2000-3000 fall damage. ... More

how to watch movies on xbox

Of course, if you prefer to have a better enjoyment of Xbox Video movies on computer, the how-to guide will teach you to stream movies from Xbox to Windows 10. Firstly , free download Zune Music + Video software from for Windows 10 and launch it on your computer. ... More

how to turn off windows 8 update restart

To configure active hours using Group Policy, go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update and open the Turn off auto-restart for updates during active hours policy setting. When the policy is enabled, … ... More

how to use a dumoy level

That’s because it eradicates the need for expensive dumpy levels being kept constantly on site. Here’s how it works: First, you determine your required fall. You then insert a metre-long spirit level (it accommodates all makes) into the desired position and tighten the fastening screw. You then place the spirit level with the Level Gauge attached on to the pipe or paving area. And when the ... More

how to tell a girl ive lied about my age

I dont know, but in order to get men closer to my own age to message me Ive had to subtract a few years off my age. Such a stupid tail-chasing charade in the end, but its mens entitlement to a much younger date that slows everything down. Most men would recoil in horror if a woman 11 years their senior messaged them. ... More

how to connect set top box wirelessly

Most set-top boxes allow to do it either wired or wirelessly. For wired connection you’ll need a LAN cable. To connect wirelessly you may use a Wi-Fi dongle if your STB supports it. ... More

how to use japanes fonts in text editor

I want to add new font in tinymce editor which are display in font dropdown and apply to editor text. I try to add ttf font in fonts folder of advance themes skin folder and also add in editor_template.js and add css in contect.css for @font-face. ... More

how to train your dragon dress

Gallery of photos showing How to Train Your Dragon styles. How to Train Your Dragon dress sense, clothes, accessories and hairstyles. ... More

how to use ark with xbox smartglass

Note the Xbox One controller sitting on my legs as a de facto mouse. As a writer, being able to type on the Xbox One was the first and most absolute basic requirement for using it as a work machine. ... More

how to tell if vhs is black diamond

VHS Movies VHS stands for Video Home System and this was a format system of video recording delivered through tape cassettes. VHS tapes were the DVDs of their day. ... More

how to study for nclex in 2 weeks

Try an exam on passpoint and see if you reach a level 8 then study your weak areas. Don't forget to study labs, math conversions, and retake UWORLD exams and re-read the rationales if you have time. Uworld is harder then the Nclex. ... More

how to use apple cider vinegar for hair growth

Apple cider vinegar is an easily available and cost-effective method for growth and cleansing your hair. The solution is effective in preventing dry scalp, dandruff, and itching issues. It also reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi which block the hair follicles that support the hair growth. ... More

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how to start a new animation in blender

We are currently an estimated 2-3 weeks away from releasing a 2.80 Beta version, which will have all the main features that will be in the 2.80 stable release. Blender 2.80s viewport and EEVEE work better on many graphics cards now, but theres still a long way to go to find and work around the

how to work a bowl

Diane Mandle has been practicing Himalayan/Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing since 2000 while working as a Polarity Practitioner and a Life Coach. She began a two year course of study of Tibetan Bowls with Sacred Sound Workshops and became their first certified practitioner.

how to teach organizational skills to children

We can start teaching organizational skills at a young age … even in preschool. Rule #1: Teach that papers need to be cared for properly. Start by having a folder in the backpack that is for notices that need to go (a) from home to the teacher, and (b) from the teacher to the parent.

how to talk to a random girl on snapchat

If you are a Snapchat user that randomly wants to chat or talk to other users please leave a comment below with your name, sex and age. Basically, A/S/L (age/sex/location).

how to see the pope in rome

The papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo, perched dramatically above lake Albano 20 miles south of Rome, has meant a lot to many pontiffs. Pius XI had the whole place modernised and spruced

easy capture manager how to use

15/12/2012 · When the capture manager open at the top right of your screen go on and use your mouse to grab a paretion of your page and then hit enter as if your going to go ahead and use it. 3. a useless window will open up with a 8 1/2 X 11 box (this is where you are supposed to insert the area you just grabed) just go ahead and let it do its thing.

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Nunavut: Umingmaktok NU, Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit) NU, NU Canada, X0A 2H8

England: Weymouth ENG, Ewell ENG, Doncaster ENG, Bristol ENG, Scarborough ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 3A4

Northern Ireland: Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H8

Scotland: Aberdeen SCO, Glasgow SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B5

Wales: Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, Neath WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 3D4